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The Tower

After the events of Episode: Heart in Darkness the Azrai have entered the Fourth Door and are somewhere within the Tower.


The Scene

Following a recent tell-tale flash, you stand in a lushly, carpeted, colonnaded hallway that continues far into the darkness. The hall is eerily quiet except for the wind that whips at you from either side from between the columns. The origins of the wind are the occasional archways lining the hallway, revealing that you are in fact on a vast bridge approaching the base of the tower. Although you already seem to be at an incredible height, the Tower stretches impossibly high above you.

As you walk the covered bridge, the mist that obscures your vision occasionally clears, revealing a landscape of stone ruins completely covered in competing white and red flowering vines far below. Above, the tower spans upwards, similarly encircled in occasionally flowering vines, before the structure is again obscured by mist.

Continuing down the long, empty bridge, you eventually reach a another stairwell up. After ascending, you enter into a massively large enclosed circular room (i.e. width of the tower). The entire perimeter of the chamber is lined with archways overlooking the mist-shrouded Nexus beyond. The center of the room is dominated by a technological marvel that floats 30 feet in air. It is a massive, slowly-shifting, clockwork orb nearly 150 feet in diameter, whose pieces are simultaneously titanic, and delicate. On the ground, are stone pedestals, curved in such a way that the mysterious orb could rest upon them.

Mysterious Floating Clockwork Orb

It is extremely difficult to take your eyes from this marvel - the clockwork device hums as it slowly spins and as the light of the room plays off its ever-shifting surface. However, you let your gaze drift upward and realize that although there do not appear to be as many archways at the upper levels, there are rows of walkways and scaffolding upon which are stacked tens of thousands of books. These walkways spiral upward as far as you can see.

Scaning the upper walkways and shelves, you see a grey-robed man moving towards you who you initially take for Astinus. However as he begins to slowly descend from a nearby ladder, you realize that though they are similar in appearance, this man has a bit more hair and has a well-groomed beard. He approaches and speaks:

"Welcome Azrai, I am Silvanus Andrellus, known by many as the Chronicler, or the Watcher. I am at your disposal during your time in the Tower, though like Astinus, I am bound by the rules of the Concord."

Clockwork Orb

The massive floating orb is complex beyond imagination, its interlaced clockwork parts sliding across one another in symphonic harmony. It is difficult to examine closely from your current position 30 feet below, but there is little that you have seen before that resembles this device. However, after several minutes of close inspection, the numbers and glyphs that slide by the moving parts of the orb do remind you of the spherical coordinate system on the seeing eye (i.e. telescope) on the balcony of the Rusted Tower.

According to Silvanus, the orb has the potential to allow you to see, or even travel to anywhere at any time within an Axial City. He claims it has not always required the use of the Seeker Stones (or even all three stones) but he cannot say if that is the case this time.


There are three, curved outer pedestals each with a circular engraving and an insertion for one of the Seeker Stones. The engravings, one black, one grey, one white, make it apparent that each pedestal is intended for a specific Seeker Stone.

The central pedestal is clearly meant for a mimir-interface.

Seeker Stones

The Azrai decide to try their stones in each of the appropriate pedestals and receive varied results:

You are within the same room, ringed by arches and dominated by the floating, clockwork orb. There is at least one subtle difference however. The pedestals, though present, do not have sensory stone or mimir-interface. You see two black and gold trimmed figures huddled in the arcane glow of the orb. One of the figures is hooded and appears to be the Keeper of Secrets, the other is more visible and is clearly Crank. The Keeper and Crank appear to huddled in private discussion when nearly simultaneously two separate archways briefly activate, revealing themselves as gateways of some sort. Through the gates step Eliath and Trolan. Their clothes are wet, ripped and both appear filthy and exhausted. They converge upon the Keeper and Crank before Trolan says, "It is done. Things almost went completely wrong, twice, but they all eluded Sougad for now."
Eliath climbs up the scaffolding while Trolan continues to speak to the Keeper and Crank, "Now it is time for your parts..."
Crank interrupts, "There is no other way? We all know how this will likely end?"
"No, there is no other way." Trolan says emphatically.
Eliath returns handing the Keeper the Memory Stone. Trolan continues, first addressing the Keeper, then both the Keeper and Crank. "Finish what Vryce (gesturing to Crank) began. Our paths in the Tower have been set. They will cross again."
The four men each hurriedly exchange goodbyes before parting towards separate archways and disappearing.


  • Pax Memoria - Placing the mimir in the central pedestal activates the following recording:
"Using the tools provided, you may enter your coordinates, your destination, or your purpose. Depending upon your path through the Tower, you may require the use of the original Sensory Stone (i.e. Memory), the original Astral/Ethereal converter (i.e. Thorn), or the original Soul Cage (i.e. Sorrow)."
  • Obscoro Voce - Placing the mimir in the central pedestal activates the following recording:
"Please input destinations and/or coordinates to determine pathway through the Tower."
  • Aenigma - Placing the mimir in the central pedestal activates the following recording:
"Please describe your purpose to determine pathway through the Tower."



The Etherscope can be immediately put to use to reveal the following information:

  • The room registers primarily as the ethereal and astral planes. However, the etherscope also detects the demiplanes of dream and shadow.
  • The plane is infinite with normal gravity
  • Time passes slower (i.e. time is passing more quickly in Sigil)
  • The area detects as dominantly divinely morphic (deities can change the plane), though it also detects as highly morphic (changing as a reaction to various stimuli), and sentient (the plane effects its own changes).
  • The plane is strongly evil and chaotic aligned
  • Magic is limited (no specific schools prohibited)
  • You are surrounded by portals, all of which seem to be the numerous archways (hundreds?) surrounding the room and upper areas.
    • The portals do not register to destinations, or provide any additional information.


Just in the proximity of this place, the three mimirs respond in the following fashion:

  • Obscuro Voce - "You have entered the Fourth Door and stand at the base of the Tower."
  • Pax Memoria - "The Tower molds itself to those who enter."
  • Aenigma - There is odd static when the Enigma is activated in this chamber that only appears to dissipate the closer you get the clockwork orb. But no other "response" is given.

Staff of Aoskar

A few other individual components of the staff seem to have interesting reactions:

  • The Chimera hums slightly as it does when in the presence of a dream machine. The location of the dream machine appears to be nothing more specific then the entire Tower.
  • The Sanguine Axis hums slightly as it does when in the presence of a Godstone. The location of the stone appears to be nothing more specific then the entire Tower.

Ramander's Ritual and Journal

Magic items were not the only things you found on Ramander. Among his things are detailed notes describing a complex ritual for opening the Fourth Door. You also find a coded journal apparently describing what he believes to be the inner workings of the Tower. A quick glance reveals sketches that look similar to the large orb before you, mentions of Tolumvire, Garmundi, the Oldest Barmy, Vryce Dumas I, rare texts the Azrai have not read (and many you have), and pages upon pages of familiar strings of 0s and 1s that appear similar to those found on the Oldest Barmy (see the following link). Finally, spanning several pages of the journal is a fascinating arcane diagram of staggering complexity.

  • Otto briefly entered coordinates into the Tower and traveled to the Archives of Arendur to take advantage of its inherent time dilation to translate and decode Ramander's Journal. Most of the pertinent information was added to the Tower page.
Arcane Diagram

Descartes Shows Silvanus the Journal

Descartes shows Silvanus Ramander's coded journal asking what "he makes of it." After Silvanus thumbs through the journal for what is a longer time then you might expect, Silvanus pauses for a very long time on the diagram and the Bit strings, then abruptly closes the journal, before handing it back to Descartes.

"I have seen its like but once before in the possession of Aoskar. The diagram represents a map of potential - potential pathways through the Tower. The long binary numbers (see Bit strings) represent coordinates that provide both a location and a time. It appears that like Aoskar, Ramander had mapped his pathway through the Tower. Before you ask, no I cannot specifically discuss Aoskar's visit to the Tower or the path that he mapped through the Tower. Also, I do not know about nor care care for Ramander or the path he thought to walk through the Tower."

Studying the diagram with this new information, it becomes apparent that this does represent a pathway or map through the Tower. Interestingly, Ramander appears to have traced an initial branching line from the Tower through several coordinates before the line actually returns to an arcane symbol and coordinates with myriads of possible branches. This symbol is identical to the original symbol along the path and seems to represent the Tower. This suggests that Ramander's proposed path went from location to location to location and then back to the Tower. His path again branches to several coordinates before returning to the Tower again. This time, however, his traced path stops. Coded notes seem to suggest that upon his third visit to the Tower, Ramander planned to reassess his path before exiting the Tower and continuing his path.

Victors' Communications

Victor also had more then magic items - Coming Soon


Detect Magic and Arcane Sight

Unsurprisingly the entire room glows of various kinds of magic, so brightly it is impossible to distinguish school. The archways are definitely are consistent with gateways, while the orb, Tower, and even books are magical.

The only other interesting fact is that all of you have wave-like cords of energy siphoning, or intertwining (since that sounds less bad) with the orb. These tendrils are consistent with previous astral/ethereal signatures you have previously detected at many locations. All of the Azrai's appear identical except for those on Gaibriel, Pheodora, and Atticus, whose energy signatures appear less ephemeral, or much "more intertwined" with the orb.

  • Is such a tendril connected to Silvanus?
  • Are these tendrils similar to that which guides the Hound (his ring) to the Lady, or to those connecting a soul to its body during Astral travel?
You can perhaps see similarities running through Gaibe's tendril to those in his ring, though in general all the tendrils are much more similar (though not identical) to those during Astral travel.
  • (Greylord to Silvanus:) "What can you tell us of these energy cords connecting us to the orb? Are they permanent? Is this part of what you meant when you said once you enter the Tower, you never really leave?"
"I believe they are permanent, for those who enter the Tower are forever bound to it. These cords, as you call them, are the Tower's price. You may exit this chamber, even travel for ages, but one never truly leaves."

Questions for Silvanus Andrellus

Before answering any questions, Silvanus speaks:

"I am bound to answer your questions within the strictures of Concord. We are within the Tower and I am a servant of the Tower and the Concord. As a result I am prohibited from both a variety of behaviors and from revealing the breadth and even depth of information that you may seek. Though HE exerts no influence here, once and if you leave here, HIS influence upon you both within and...(he visibly hesitates)...outside of the Tower, will return."

The Tower

  • Where are we?
"Inside the Tower, beyond the threshold of the Fourth Door."
  • Are there other individuals, consciousnesses, or essences of creatures present in this place besides us (PCs) and you (S.Andrellus)?
"Not that I am aware. But I am not omniscient"
  • What others besides us 9 (with Otto) will visit this place?
"I only watch and record history; history from my perspective. I cannot therefore comment on what might happen"
  • What others besides us 9 (with Otto) have visited this place?
Silvanus walks up to one of the upper walkways and retrieves a book or two, as if checking references or notes. Then he answers, "Garmundi, Duke Rowan Darkwood, Vryce Dumas I, and the Keeper of Secrets"
    • Did they visit together or did they come through on different occasions?
"With one exception, their visits were separate"
      • If the exception is not the Time Reaver ritual performed by Edward, the Keeper of Secrets, can you define the exception & who participated in it?
"Vryce Dumas I and the Keeper of Secrets are the exception. That is as much as I can define."
    • What did they want, how long ago were they here, what did they do, etc?
"I am sorry, but by the Concord I cannot discuss another individual's visit to the Tower."
      • Where do we find the governing so that we can fully understand the Concord? If this is not allowed why are we not allowed to understand the Concord? Sylvanus, please, define the Concord so that we can participate fully.
"There are places where pieces of the Concord have been scribed that you have even seen. For example, the monument on the Plateau of Leng and the Standing Stone in Faerun. But, I am sorry, by the Concord, I am forbidden to more fully answer this question."
    • How many times have any of us visited the tower and when?
Silvanus checks several of his journals and looks a bit concerned, at least for him. "When is going to be difficult for me to determine in anything less then a relative sense it seems. Gaibriel has visited at least once before during the prior cycle. The individual containing the greater essence of the Lady has visited many times, during both cycles. The individual you now call Atticus has been here at least once before, not long before the Ritual of Reconciliation."
  • What is the significance of the Tower?
"Your question may be too broad for me to answer. I believe that I can say two things. The Tower is the center of everything in the truest sense of the word. The Tower is therefore what you make of it depending upon the path that you take."
    • Is the Tower like the spire?
"Besides the obvious similarity in shape, I cannot think of anything else binding the two together beyond the fact that both lie within the Astral/Ethereal Conjunction. But I admit I do not wholly understand the question."
    • Who built it?
"It was built before I began recording" He says, gesturing upwards to the books.
    • The tower exhibits strong evil and chaotic influences. That strikes me as strange for something that is the center of everything in the truest sense of the word. I would have expected something more balanced. Has the tower become tainted? Is there a pure aspect of the tower, perhaps at the upper most end, or some other parallel?
"I cannot say for sure. But HE has become a resident, or prisoner of the tower. And as your mimir has already said, 'the Tower molds itself to those who enter'."
    • So we're in the tower. How does the concept of time function here in comparison to our understanding of it? Is the same as in Nexus?
"I am not certain how it functions in the rest of the Nexus, though according to your device it is slower then Sigil? Regardless time is meaningless here to a certain degree since you could theoretically go anywhere and any-when (see Clockwork Orb). In my estimation, your only concern about time is the integrity of the Tower in light of HIS influence.
  • While discussing the "Godstone aspect" of the Tower with the Azrai, Silvanus speaks up:
"As your Staff has already indicated, the Tower is itself a Godstone. I believe at this point it is currently the Godstone of Vengeance."

The Clockwork Orb

  • What/why/how is that thing? (points at the Mysterious Floating Clockwork Orb, or MyFCO)
"It was here before I began recording, so I cannot say for sure. I have always called it the clockwork orb, but I have no other name for it."
  • How do you operate it? How do you turn it on? How do you turn it off? Does it require the use of the stones? All three stones?
"From what I have witnessed, it seems to depend on your purpose and your path. The orb has the potential to allow you to see, or even travel to anywhere at any time within the axial cities. For those that have entered the orb has always been operational. No, it does not seem to require the use of the stones, or even all three stones, at least not every time, but the Tower molds itself to its visitors, so who can say for certain?"
  • How many pedestals support the MyFCO. Is there a significance to that number. What are they made out of?
"There are four pedestals. One central pedestal and three, curved outer pedestals. And yes, there is significance to that number. The central pedestal has what I believe you call (checks a nearby book) mimir-interface. The outer pedestals have insertions for each of the Seeker Stones. I have never investigated the pedestals composition."
    • Is there a correlation between the pedestals "supporting" the MyFCO and the Four Pillars, Cade, Meno, Ani, and Fati?
"I am not certain, though the orb, the Tower, and the pillars are most certainly linked. Eliath and Aoskar understood this far better."
  • What happens if the MyFCO stops?
"It rests apparently inert upon the pedestals. It is currently active and therefore floating, likely since the Fourth Door is active."
  • Who made the MyFCO?
"Again, it was here before I began recording"
  • So, to reiterate, this thing will let us see or go to any point in the Axial City in any cycle?
"Yes, from my observations, that appears to be how it works. However, like I said before, the where and when may depend upon your purpose and path. Perhaps it will work differently for you?"
    • Seriously?
Silvanus impatiently arcs his eyebrow and refuses to repeat himself.
  • Just to clarify, the MyFCO will allow to see or travel to any point in any Axial City. Does this mean there are two features, one to observe and one to "physically" travel to such a destination? If that is the case, would our actions at said destination impact what we understand as recorded time at this point, not unlike traveling through the 4 doors? We have certainly seen evidence of our impact on what we understood to be reality after having traveled through the 4 doors.
"I can only speak from my observations. And again, I cannot be more clear about this next part. The destinations and function are likely determined by your purpose and path. If that dual functionality you mentioned is necessary to your purpose and path, then it will likely be present. And to 'clarify', when I say purpose, I mean purpose in using the device. When I say path, I mean path through the Tower. And would your actions affect recorded time? I cannot say what they will and will not do? In my experience your actions typically affect recorded history."
  • Will viewing one thing in the orb limit us from viewing other things, or traveling to other places? Put another way, must we agree on a singular purpose before using the orb, or can we explore our purposes before settling on a destination?
"My experience indicates that both you (gesturing to Malazar) and you (gesturing to Atticus) likely have that ability."
  • Did I know of the capabilities of the Orb when I negotiated our addendum to the Concord? When I negotiated (not most recently, but the time before that - when I offered him the Protean Map in exchange for passage out of the Nexus) with the Captain of the Denizens of Leng airship?
  • Must we determine a purpose as a group, or can we each individually use the device if we are unable to come to a consensus on a course of action?
"Every individual has the right to choose their own path. However, Gaibriel, the individual representing the Lady, and Atticus already walk their paths through the Tower, so may not choose again."
Please call me Pheodora
    • Also, does that mean that we (Gaibe, Phe, Atticus) will not be able to use the orb in a manner inconsistent with the path we are on right now? What about Raine?
"That is correct. I imagine you will not be able to use the orb in a manner inconsistent with your current path."
    • What will happen if the group requests that the Orb send us to a destination that would be inconsistent with the path one of the three (or four) of us is on right now? Would we simply be left behind? Would we end up at a different location/time than the rest of the group? Would none of us be able to use the Orb to send any of us to a destination that is inconsistent with the path one of us has chosen? Are the paths we have chosen consistent with each other?
"I am not sure what would occur in your first scenario above. In my experience, however, individuals have not been able to so carefully choose their destination and paths through the Tower. The Tower chooses your path after you choose your purpose." Silvanus fetches several of his journals. "Yes, your current paths are somewhat consistent. Gaibriel searches for the Lady. Atticus prepares for the Ritual of Reconciliation. Unfortunately, by the Concord I can not discuss Pheodora's path."
    • It would appear that establishing a path through the tower may involve subsequent stops back inside the tower. I would assume that this knowledge comes as a result of a traveler having plotted their path through the tower by use of the coordinates and/or destinations. (If the path were chosen by the Tower, while it may include return trips to the Tower, I speculate that the path the Tower chose would not necessarily be laid out before the traveler.) Can you comment, then, on the possibility that a traveler might use the Obscuro Voce to plot a specific course of destinations which include returning to the Tower and then use the Aenigma to travel by means of a purpose thereafter? Or are the two routes mutually exclusive?
"Yes there have been visitors to the Tower who have returned through their well-planned use of coordinates. However, until now, I had never seen a return visitor without the use of coordinates, but here I see Pheodora, Atticus, and Gaibriel all returning. I have already admitted I am no expert on the workings of the orb and I cannot say for certain how your visit to the Tower will work. Perhaps those three can change their paths now that they have returned? Perhaps upon a return to the Tower you can use it in any way you choose? I actually see no evidence that the routes are mutually exclusive, or that existing routes can not be altered upon a return visit using either method. Regardless, I can only specifically say what I have seen." (Read: SWD with Ramander, the expert, or ask a well-phrased divination/commune)
      • We have established that the Tower is under His influence due to His residency here / in Nexus. Does that influence extend to the MyFCO that you know of? My concern is that in using the MyFCO to plot courses by purpose, could His influence over the Tower (and possibly the MyFCO) affect the route that the MyFCO would choose to achieve the "purpose" to go beyond the scope of the purpose's intent, or to achieve other goals that might even be contrary to the desired purpose?
"I have seen no evidence that HE can influence an individual's route through the Tower. However, I have seen evidence that his influence has extended in other ways, affecting the individual, rather then their route. Whether this had lasting influence on the individual is often left for interpretation."
In addition, please read question 20 from this [Commune]. Otto Tallfellow 21:05, 27 March 2012 (EDT)

Personal Questions

  • Is there a Silvanus Andrellus for each cycle, or one Silvanus Andrellus who exists within them all?
"There is but one"
"None that I am aware"
  • Is Silvanus Andrellus your 'original' identity moreso than the others, or does the concept of an 'original' identity even apply?
"Yes, Silvanus Andrellus is my 'original' identity."
  • How did you, as Torshorak, come to wield the Memory sword?
"If this is truly important to you, I may be able to find it among my stacks. I do not remember, nor do I care to."
  • How does one being come to have so many names and faces?
"I entered and then chose to leave the Tower and that was my path according to my desires."
    • Your identities have played disparate roles in the shaping of our cycle. Why is this? Did you choose this?
"I chose this to a degree. As I said, I decided to leave the Tower, and this fracture of my persona was the result of my path."
  • Are you willing and able to discuss your motivations and/or history with us? Our understanding of how one being can posses many identities, as you do, is limited by our lack of information.
"I am and have been bound to the Tower my entire existence. At one time I left the Tower and walked my own path. Since I was not clear of purpose when I left the Tower, my persona fractured. Most of the rest you either know, or I cannot discuss with you."
    • (from Phe) Is the fracturing of my persona also the result of leaving the Tower without being "clear of purpose"?
"No. It is both the result of the path you currently walk through the Tower and HIS direct interference."
    • What is your goal; in existence? Can we be of assistance?
"My goals have either already been realized or are awaiting realization. However, by the Concord, I cannot discuss these with you."
  • Do you have knowledge of what those other personas have done?
"Only from the recordings that I have."
    • May we review those recordings?
  • We have seen visions of the deaths of Trolan & Silvanus Andrellus. How does that affect Astinus and Torshorak?
"Silvanus and Trolan are dead, so we are all dead."
    • How is it that you are still here to speak with us?
"Ultimately, I am bound to the Nexus and even moreso, bound to the Tower."
    • Why did we see you destroy all those crystals? Damn, son.
"To protect the identity and location of my acolyte."
  • What is Gaibriel's title in the Nexus?
"The Hound"

Writings of Silvanus Andrellus

  • (looking around) Got any reading recommendations?
"Not at this time, no"
    • What are you writing now?
"The same things I always write. I record events as they happen."
    • Were we to seek answers to questions about the past (as we understand the concept of the past) within these books (gestures around toward books everywhere), could you help us find what we sought?
"Yes, in a sense. You may not look at my books. I have already given you one of my books (gestures to Atticus) and that was...a mistake. But I can answer your questions, and all of the knowledge that I have is from my records of the past."
    • (What book is he referencing here? Z-Ro 14:06, 9 March 2012 (EST))
Atticus's number book
  • Have you written all of these books?
"Yes, these are the my collected recordings of the history of the multiverse"
"I am sorry, but I cannot provide you with information from the Concord".
  • So, um, you wrote a fairly personal-sounding account of the Fall of Arendur. We've certainly been given the impression that Tolumvire, Fel, Phelazar, and the Keeper of Secrets were all present. And that maybe there may have been betrayal and some other things not covered in your account. Feel like talking?
There is an almost dangerous glint in his eyes before he says, VERY deliberately "No, by the Concord, I am forbidden to discuss these things."
    • Are we able to use the MyFCO to view these events for ourselves?
"If that is your purpose and the path that you walk, I imagine that you can."
    • Is there a way around the Concord to discus or further inform your observations of this history? To make your records more accurate of course. (DIPLOMACY ROLL!? ;)
  • Who specifically are the people in this Age you reference in your text 'Concerning The Azrai'? (I.e. The Seeker, the Betrayer, etc.) will those titles help determine our path through the 4th door?
"I do not know who they are. That is the problem with titles and labels - they can become constraints. So, no I do not believe they determine anything. I should never have written that text."
    • Can we read about the "archetypes" you didn't describe in what we have been able to read in Concerning The Azrai?
"I do not have that text here, I am sorry."
  • Otto looks around. (rolls Sense Motive). --Otto Tallfellow 09:10, 22 March 2012 (EDT)
Silvanus does not appear to be hiding anything about his most recent statement (he did say he only has recorded history here). However, he does seem both uncomfortable and regretful when discussing the text.


  • Are there records here of things that from our understanding have yet to happen?
"Yes, of course".
    • Are there records here of things that from our understanding never happened?
    • Are there records here of Edward Dumas having existed as such?
"No" and Silvanus clearly looks uncomfortable discussing this topic
    • Are there records here that indicate that Edward Dumas actually did not exist as such?
"Yes" and Silvanus still looks uncomfortable.
    • Although according to our perspective he was unsuccessful, are there records here of Dr. Vrinn successfully destroying the Angel Line?
    • Are there records here which conflict with one another as to who the eleventh murder victim was in Lawshredder's first series of murders?
"Yes, I have different recordings of Lawshredder Murder Victims."
    • Have records been purposefully destroyed, un-recorded, or altered - or whatever - so as to protect your disciple whose name we won't use but it's one that was mentioned just a hot second ago?
Silvanus still looks uncomfortable but answers simply, "Yes".
    • We have been told that if we seek this disciple then the Beast will follow. Can you speak to that?
"This does not surprise me. The Keeper knows things that no other mortal knows. Things I do not know but sacrificed myself to protect."
    • What are your personal feelings on us seeking your disciple? Eliath at one point had advised us against pursuing that action (because it wasn't time yet or whatever I think?)
"My feelings can not enter into you decision. You must walk your own path through the Tower."
  • What are the ruins outside?
After looking briefly towards an archway he says, "Nothing outside is what many would call 'real'. Still, from my experience, the ruins are the remnants of HIS creations."
    • Define HIM.
"I should have been more specific. Those in Nexus, and even beyond, call him Strahd. Those elsewhere refer to him by many other names that by now you are certainly familiar."
      • If we would wish to learn all we can about Him; where would we gather that information.
"That is too broad a question for me to accurately answer because HIS sphere of influence is so broad."
  • What is happening in Sigil right now? Can you show us?
"That question is more complex then you know. What is 'right now'? Could you see or even go to Sigil from here? Yes. The better question is, if Sigil is your 'where', then 'when'? An even better question is, if you have a 'when', then 'why'?"
    • Have we all been pulled out of time(s) to participate in these current events? To join together as a force of belief and therefore a power to influence the Tower?
"I believe you are asking me to postulate on your purpose either as individuals or as Azrai? You speak of things that have not been recorded. I prefer not to enter into hypothetical exercises."
      • Are all the Azrai participating in our defense of HER from within this Age? Please, note the exceptions, if any.
"I do not quite understand this question. If you are asking if all the Azrai are actively acting as HER servants actively OR passively, at all times or even the majority of the time, then no."
  • You mentioned that once we leave this tower, HIS influence would return. Will we still be in Nexus when we leave? If not, can you comment on the extent of HIS far reaching influence over us?
"It is very unlikely that when you choose to leave the Tower, you will re-enter Nexus. However, this is possible. Once you leave this chamber, HIS influence can again be exerted in whatever way he chooses particularly since you have entered the Tower. Once you have entered the Tower, you never truly leave."
    • Is this place new to us or are we returning to the Tower? That is to say; have our souls, in one form or another, been here?
"This is a fascinating question. Nevertheless it is one I have no capacity to answer."
  • Consider that we can only ask this question within the framework of our understanding: How do we find the Keeper of Secrets?
"If that is the path you choose to walk, the Tower may take you. Though success is never guaranteed."
  • Will you tell us about the origin of Atticus; we saw Trolan there at his "birth"?
"Yes, what you saw was the creation of who you call Atticus. He was 'born', as you say, out of the remnants of Aoskar."
    • We've entertained a theory that Aoskar and the force we call Lawshredder are kind of the same thing. Can you speak to that?
"No, I cannot speak to theories, but that sounds fascinating."
  • During the "first" cycle in the setting of the axial city of Raak-Po, were events already in place for the cyclical propagation of time, or did something happen during that cycle to initiate cyclical time?
"Sorry, the Concord forbids me to speak of this."
  • What is the status of Eliath? Did Lawshredder make him a victim?
"He was Lawshredder's 15th victim"
  • Who is the Shadowknave? Does he have another name? He spoke once suggesting we 'cut our cords' was he referring to the magical tendrils that connect us to the Tower?
Silvanus checks his records before answering, "I do have records of the Shadowknave. His other names may be many, since it appears that he is an aspect of the one you call the Beast, or Strahd, or Lawshredder. He is a resident of the Tower who will occasionally breach through the astral/ethereal conjunction. As to these 'cut your cords' or 'cut your strings' conversations I see that you are referencing, I cannot assign motive to another individual's conversation, though your motive sounds reasonable enough."