Ritual of Reconciliation

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The Ritual of Reconciliation was a failed attempt by Tolumvire to unify the planes by opening the gates of the Infernus, effectively ending Cyclical Time and starting Linear Metagenesis. The ritual took place in the courtyard of the Gatehouse Asylum during the Age of Arendur. The ritual succeeded in opening a gateway to the lower planes but accomplished little else. The chaos and war resulting from the fiends pouring through portal into the city destroyed Arendur, the Empire and marked the end of the Golden Age.

According to legend, the Lady of Pain murdered Aoskar at some point before or during the ritual effectively taking control of the city. Many Slayers and Thaumaturgists point to this event as fouling the ritual, while other modern scholars claim that any plan to open the gates of the Infernus may have been doomed to failure regardless.

The Ritual

The Ritual of Reconciliation was the first step in accessing the great Deus Machina of Arendur to enact Linear Metagenesis. Based upon the power of the Godstones, linked together by nexi known as the Four Pillars, and accessed by the three Seeker Stones, the Deus Machina is the hidden architectural "machinery" in both Sigil and Arendur whose components are similar to those of a Dream Machine. Since according to Tolumvire, the precise methods for accessing the Deus Machina could not be divined, he created the ritual to "remotely" access the machinery using the Seeker Stones as foci. The ritual, therefore, was merely a means to activate the Deus Machina, and it was that "machinery" that would temporarily unify the planes (a necessary step to enact Linear Metagenesis).

The Ritual Today

Now, a cycle later, Tolumvire seeks to use the power of the ritual still held in the foundation of the city for a second attempt at Linear Metagenesis. Since the ritual provides remote access to the Machina, the Azrai also seek to control it, though not necessarily for the purposes of Linear Metagenesis. With all three Seeker Stones it may be possible for the Azrai to access the Machina and enact whatever change they desire, likely to counteract cyclical degradation.

However, other competitors, including Sougad Lawshredder, may strive to control or alter the ritual for their own dark purposes. It has been suggested that Sougad is using the Lawshredder Murders and their proximity to Godstones to somehow assume control of the ritual and access the Deus Machina.

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