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Sougad Lawshredder or simply Lawshredder, is the infamous serial killer that has terrorized Sigil with several mass murders since 30 HR. However, it is likely that the entity known as Lawshredder is more than man, but represents concepts such as the Beast, the Destroyer, and the God at the End of All Things.

Sougad Lawshredder
Race: Ageless
Class: Unknown
Affiliation: N/A
Profession: Murderer
Player: NPC



Sougad Lawshredder's origin is still a matter for highly contentious debate. However, the most common theory is that he arrived as a result of some unintended function of Grundelthum's Prototype Automatic Scribe. It is theorized that the ethereal energy inherent in the normal functioning of this device may have somehow led to Lawshredder's creation. Though limited, evidence does exist to support this theory:

  • Grundelthum, creator of the device, was Lawshredder's first official victim
  • Grundelthum's Automatic Scribe began to malfunction just before his murder
  • Atticus received this message from the Unknown Sender.
  • Many of Grundelthum's devices, including mimirs and automatic scribes, tend to malfunction in Lawshredder's presence.


The moniker "Lawshredder" was first ascribed to the mass murderer by the media not long after he killed Grundelthum. The name Sougad came later, and was given to him by Ambar after the factol of the Godsmen detected resemblances between Lawshredder and former Harbinger House patient Sougad Igorian during an interview at the Harbinger House.


Sougad Lawshredder is responsible for the infamous Lawshredder Murders


According to the first assembled Lawshredder Investigation Team, Sougad was captured at the Chapel Perilous around the time of the murder or attempted murder of the 11th victim of his first murder spree. Ren, a member of the first investigation team, intimated that Darius was directly responsible for Lawshredder's capture since he predicted when Lawshredder would be at the Chapel Perilous. However, Ren claimed that the investigation team did not really capture Lawshredder, but rather, that he mysteriously surrendered (See Ren's note to Darius).


Despite a great deal of outcry, Sougad Lawshredder first went with Ambar for study at the Harbinger House. Following that, Sougad spent a short time at the Gatehouse Asylum under the care of Derioch Ysarl who used Lawshredder as a subject in the Silverweed Project.


After a short stay, Lawshredder escaped during the famous Asylum Break. On his way out, he committed the first of his next spree of murders. It has been theorized that Lawshredder did not take this opportunity merely to escape, but rather was either following the recently appropriated Sorrow Stone or escaping inmates such as Malazar and Eliath.

History with the Azrai

The Azrai first encountered Lawshredder during the murder of Fassa Abalon at the Hall of Speakers. Since that time, they have attempted, to varying degrees of success, to track, study, and destroy the mass murderer. The Azrai actually engaged Lawshredder during his double slaying of Bali Hardback and Tavrat Choc, though Sougad easily escaped to the Outlands. Devoted Lawshredder tracker Atticus has since been able to use his pocket watch to follow Sougad, due to the fact that the device is attuned to Lawshredder Energy - i.e. Lawshredder's distinct entropic signature. Tracking him across the Outlands, the Azrai witnessed an unparalleled path of destruction as Lawshredder destroyed deities of secrets (Maanzecorian), fate (Chronepsis), and knowledge (Thoth). Following an absence from Sigil of about four years, Sougad Lawshredder returned, though this time the Azrai were members of an official Lawshredder Investigation Team and were allies of the City Coroner, Pheodora Chakravanti. Currently, the Azrai are still hunting Lawshredder and have even used the HUB to create a Lawshredder Predictor.


Both the Vile Hunt and the Eschaton worship creatures that have links to Sougad Lawshredder. The Beast is an aspect of Malar that according to the most devout of the Vile Hunt, is a deity-creature that has been subsumed by Sougad Lawshredder and the creation swallowing Iron Shadow that is sweeping through the planes. The Eschaton believe that Sougad Lawshredder is an aspect or avatar of the God at the End of All Things, or the Ageless Destroyer that will exist when there is nothing. Several deities that have traditionally opposed the Beast have recently abandoned their domains becoming difficult for their worshipers to locate. Many believe the threat that Lawshredder poses to be the primary cause of this.

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