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Race: Ageless
Profession: Worshipper of the Lady
Player: NPC

"'Trolan' was extremely well-liked by everyone at the Asylum and was known as a very talented artist, poet, writer, and philosopher. The only thing that made him "dangerous" was his almost supernatural ability to attract or deflect attention at a whim. "Had we not contained him in the high security dangerous and criminally insane wing, he could have just waltzed out of here and started another one of them cult things again," or so says Tessali, a warden of that area. Still, how this manic son of a bitch fell in with the rest of these barmies is anyone's guess. Seems his only sin is worshiping the Lady--of course that certifies him as a lunatic with a death wish. "Yes, he welcomed death," claimed Derioch, "he'd never harm anyone though--you'd best concentrate your efforts on the others." That's perhaps the smartest thing the Bleakers ever said. "

-excerpted from Blander Mul's Asylum Break files



Standing just under six feet tall with a thin form and obvious grace, Trolan has pale skin and white hair that still seem to shine with the glow of the planetouched. His pure blue eyes, youthful face, and welcoming smile have drawn crowds of both men and women to his side. He is always seen wearing white robes, a purple belt and a silver Lady of Pain medallion.


Trolan has always been described as a charming and lovely individual. He has captivated the attention of both women and men, primarily because people feel as if they can trust him and would do almost anything he asked. Although he has a penchant for flowery speeches and dramatic posturing, few people feel that there is any vanity to him whatsoever. After all, Trolan seems to have no love but one - the Lady of Pain.

Trolan the Mad

As any berk can tell you, no one worships Sigil's high-up in any manner. To do so brings down her wrath and gets the offender either sent to the mazes or, more likely, flayed alive. Such warnings never deterred Trolan though. What other berks spoke of in careful whispers, Trolan shouted in the light of day. He composed songs to the Lady, wrote sonnets, and took every story he could find and turned them into epic poems. The eventual fame (and for some, even the composition) of Deilores has been attributed to Trolan. As he sang Her praises from every street corner, Sigil's citizens braced for Trolan's inevitable and grisly death...

But nothing happened. Still, it wasn’t long before no inn or drinking hall would let Trolan within 50 feet of the door, let alone inside to perform like they used to, no matter the crowds of barmies he would draw. But what was worse, people started listening! Other barmies started dressing like Trolan, following him around and calling themselves the Cult of the Lady.

The Harmonium wouldn't let him sing the Lady's praises in the streets and were arresting any of the Cult of the Lady they could get their hands on. Meanwhile the Mercykillers were preparing to deal out their own form of punishment, when the Dabus surrounded the barmy and took him away, dumping him in the Gatehouse Asylum in 32 HR.

Trolan and the Silverweed Project

Trolan attracted attention immediately upon arrival at the Asylum. His penchant for poetry, natural charisma, and boyish good looks made him a favorite amongst patients and staff alike. Never without a rose for a lady and an encouraging word for a man, Trolan's aptitude for making friends soon became dangerous. After a particularly passionate speech espousing the beauty and intelligence of the Lady, Trolan nearly incited an Asylum-wide riot. Planning to move the patient to the dangerous and criminally insane wing, the Asylum staff learned of another one of Trolan's rare talents. As gifted as Trolan is at attracting attention, he may be even better at deflecting it. It was hours passed before the guards could narrow down his location to a particular area and then he gracefully and effortlessly avoided capture for the rest of the evening. According to Derioch, had Trolan decided to simply walk out the front door, it was doubtful he could have been stopped.

Of course it was these "talents" that attracted the notice of Derioch Ysarl. Preliminary aura screenings confirmed his candidacy for the Silverweed Project and he was characterized as having an "essence heretofore unrivaled in power." After his first few treatments, Trolan first exhibited his odd multiple personality behavior, switching from the charismatic Trolan to an individual who was "calm and intense, albeit with a hint of confusion. He...walked around his cell as if examining each brick with bizarre precision. Without speaking he took paper and graphite from my [Derioch] table, sat himself in a corner facing the wall and began to write." His compulsive writing behavior was witnessed several more times over the course of his treatment. According to Derioch, "Trolan's bizarre writings are remarkably accurate in historical facts and correspond to events that could not possibly have been witnessed in his lifetime". This statement almost certainly links this persona with Astinus or Silvanus Andrellus.

After several more rounds of treatment, Trolan again displayed "atypical behavior". He was "heard screaming violently and incoherently. A [Gatehouse] security member was alarmed to see the patient kneeling in the corner, viciously slamming his head repeatedly against his cell wall...the patient's head and face were bleeding. In his hands were a pair of rusty scissors, which he had used to remove his left eye...Though initially calm, when a staff member reached for the scissors, the patient lunged, thrusting the scissors through the staffer's eye pinning him to the wall and instantly killing him..." Though it was initially suspected that this was another "simple" example of Silverweed treatment pushing Trolan into a persona shift, this is no longer so certain. (See History with the Azrai below).

Trolan and the Asylum Break

According to Blander Mul's Asylum Break report, Trolan likely escaped the Asylum with Eliath and the Oldest Barmy through the tunnels dug in the Oldest Barmy's cell. Although the three initially fled through the catacombs in the same direction, after the Barmy doubled back, Eliath and Trolan went there separate ways (See Asylum Escape).

History with the Azrai

The Azrai first encountered Trolan during Episode: Four Doors where he was the elusive and troublesome leader of the Cult of the Lady. During a harrowing encounter in the Chapel Perilous Trolan had assumed his Torshorak persona. Once Trolan/Torshorak disappeared through a portal with Edward, the Azrai tracked Trolan through the Second Door in the rift outside the Shattered Temple.

Although the Azrai saw Torshorak in "Raak-Po" after traveling through the Second Door, the Azrai did not see Trolan again until entering the Third Door and traveling to the past during Episode: Remembrance. Inhabiting bodies of Asylum inmates and guards, the Azrai actually saved Trolan from what may have been a gruesome slaughter at the hands of Dr. Davalaus and his cronies (See Laundry Room of the Asylum).

Trolan and Malazar

According to Fel and evidence captured on the Memento Stone, Trolan and Eliath instructed Fel to tattoo Malazar with the Black Rose before the Asylum Break when they were still free. No explanation was provided to Fel.

Trolan and Memory

A specific tell-tale flash shows Trolan discussing the Memory Stone with the Keeper of Secrets.



These individuals were closest to Trolan.


These individuals share or shared goals and motivations with Trolan and actively supported one another.

  • Anyone likely to speak with him.


Trolan's relationship with these groups or individuals is ambiguous at best


These individuals actively oppose or opposed Trolan

Notable Moments

Notable Traits

  • Trolan has a noteworthy charisma.
  • He has a talent for "deflecting attention".


After reading excerpts from the Library of Toth, clues from Derioch Ysarl's Asylum files, and conversations with Ambar, the Azrai learned that several personas are attributed to the same ageless being:

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